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Last updated 20th October 2016

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Diploma British Wheel of Yoga

Dr Beccy Hobbs is a yoga teacher and medical practitioner with additional training in Homeopathy. The General Medical Council registers doctors to practise medicine in the UK. Doctors must be registered with a licence to practise with the General Medical Council (GMC) to practise medicine in the UK. Beccy has full registration with the GMC number 2568746. Revalidated September 2013.

Beccy Hobbs yoga class

She has practiced yoga for more than 15 years and has been teaching yoga since 2007. She trained with the British Wheel of Yoga studying with Wendy Teesdill. She teaches Hatha Yoga incorporating the breath and relaxation with posture work. Classes are mixed ability and suitable for beginners and intermediate levels. They include students who are entirely new to yoga and some who have been practising for several years or more and everything in between. Classes are taught in a way that ensures everyone is exploring their own boundaries while remaining safe. Students develop the awareness necessary to move safely and deeply into the postures.

A student says “Beccy creates a friendly, personal atmosphere and takes the students’ individual needs into account.”


A wonderful thing about yoga is that anyone can practice it and discover its benefits. The key is to work with your own body and practice in a way that is appropriate, modifying as necessary.

Hatha Yoga

Hatha Yoga is interpreted as the yoga of action and is practiced in many Western Yoga Classes. The British Wheel of Yoga is partly responsible for bringing Hatha Yoga to the UK along with yoga teachers such as B.K.S. Iyengar.  Classes usually consist of the following elements:

  •  Relaxation
  •  Limbering exercises
  •  Asanas (postures)
  •  Breath awareness
  •  Pranayama (extending the breath)
  •  Meditation
  •  Some theory and philosophy
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Beccy Hobbs teaching yoga
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